We engage in the mentorship, cultivation, coaching, and facilitation, inspiring productivity, and positivity through creative expression, mime, liberal arts, production, publishing, promotions, positive entertainment, seminars, literary works, entrepreneurship, and other events that help “Generation X, Y”, Millennial and underserved communities chose to live lives that are clean (pure), positive, lawful, moral, successful, socially conscious and inspire by peace or faith.

Mentoring Through Martial Arts

A special interdisciplinary mentoring initiative Kung Fu Class taught by Olympic medalist, Sifu Derrick P. Whitlow I of Whitlow’s Academy of Wu Gung Tao. It is a one hour interdisciplinary Martial Arts Class for young people that focuses on critical thinking, self-control and good decision-making and focus.


Camp SMART is an It is a Full-day or 4 hour interdisciplinary enrichment camp for young people based upon the time of year. They learn the S.T.E.M. curriculum through creative writing, scientific/robotics, music and media production.

Free Monthly Community Movie & Lunch

Once a month we provide a free movie and lunch for the community at The Spot: Where Lives transform. Because there are so much brokenness in the family and lack of father-figures in the home, we provide a monthly activity that brings families together for clean family fun; encourage family outings, unity while exposing them to good principles and values through movies eating. The goal is to that promote positive interactions within the family structure.

No More Dirty TV & Radio

The Description is a “Call-To-Action” television and radio show that incorporates creative and non-traditional learning strategies, personal testimonies, positive role-modeling and mentorship along plus professional services/civic agencies with uplifting 21st century Post-Modern and urban media (music video, interviews, movie trailers, commercials, etc.).


The Spot: Where Lives Transform!’ is a Unique Community-Base Family Center and Event Venue designed specifically to address Post-Modern and Urban issues and concerns in the 21st Century for “Generation X, Y”, Millennial and under-served communities through a variety of relevant activities/services as well provide a safe place where the community can go to enjoy Positive, Clean Entertainment and encourage inspiration through networking and fellowship.

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No More Dirty Workforce Initiative

No More Dirty Workforce program is a unique and community-based initiative that incorporates job training, educational opportunities and job training, life-skill courses, job referrals and employment for under served individuals, returning citizens and marginal communities.