SUNDAY June 11, 2017 2pm - 8pm

Our vision for the “Good Success" Conference is to create an opportunity for everyday people from diverse communities to discover 21st century solutions and interventions that not only better their quality of life but produce growth in communities and employed citizenship.


Bishop D. Whitlow I

Bruce Martin - Picture ( 2017)

Bruce W. Martin


Cncl. Devyn Keith

Michelda Johnson - Picture

Michelda Johnson

Our Keynote Speaker Topics will be:

How do we find good success through Faith, Investing, Government, Diversity Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Attendance Support these  NMD Initiatives
“Camp SMART”,“The Spot” , “Mentoring through  Martial Arts”, “the NMD Radio Show”.


• Each attendee will learn how to effectively integrate faith and service so that it yields “Good Success.”

• Each attendee will discover key life-transforming secrets that enable one to invest in one’s own life, so that their environment welcomes “Good Success.”

• Each attendee will realize how important the role of Government, Synergy and incremental wins impact one’s short and long-term “Good Success” so that they can achieve it themselves.

• Each attendee will discover how to successful understand the principles Diversity -Leadership & Entrepreneurship impact their opportunities in the workforce and its relationship with “Good Success.”

• Each attendee will also have opportunities to network with other employment and staffing agencies, businesses, services and organizations that truly exemplify “Good Success” in the 21st Century.


Conference Opportunities

Provide conference registrations for 150 Teenagers (ages 13-17) from Teen Centers or Youth organizations in at-risk communities to attend the “Good Success” Conference

Provide conference registrations for 50 Young adults (18-26) from Re-Entry/Recovery programs to attend the “Good Success” Conference

Provide conference registrations for 50 Special Needs or Disabled Teens/Adults (18-35) to attend the “Good Success” Conference

MUSICAL GUEST: Unknown Lyric, Petula Beckles, & Natalie Harris



Conference Sponsorship Level

We hope to see your there!

Because this event is just a few months away, tickets are selling fast.
Naturally, we can take credit cards and paypal or you can pay cash by contacting Fredrick Whitlow @ 256.698.9749