Camp SMART is an It is a Full-day and 8 hour interdisciplinary enrichment camp for young people throughout the year, especially, during the summer and school breaks. Note: Our Staff consists of PHD and MA instructors and QEP Certified from the best institutions of higher learning (Oakwood University, AAMU, UAH…), retired teachers and student workers and interns.
“We Believe Every Child Is SMART!”
2017-2018 CAMP SMARTS 
1. Creative Writing & Writing Pedagogy
2. Performance Arts & Dance
3. World Cultures, Findings & Travel 
4. Music, Media & Production 
5. Our Character Development & STEM
6. Mentoring Through Martial Arts
7: Chess & Tennis  
They learn the S.T.E.M. curriculum through creative writing, writing pedagogy, scientific and robotics. The camp features etiquette, mentoring, music, performance art and media productions, chess, plus mind-body health classes with Kung-Fu & Fitness along with daily, professional and career presentations. A unique component of this camp is learning through African-American history, American culture, and culturally enriching activities (10 minute film/movie, etc.) to build critical thinking, good communication and diversity.


Camp Duration

To Enroll call (256) 698-9749 or email us at: