The purpose of “No More Dirty, Inc., doing business as “The Spot: Where Lives Transform” is to (a) make our communities and cities wonderful and better places to live; (b) become good neighbors; (c) learn to value and appreciate diversity, cultures, ethnicity, faith and (d) promote clean entertainment for the entire family.


Our vision is to identify, develop and provide ongoing 21st Century Post-Modern Solutions and Urban interventions for “Generation X, Y”, Millennial and underserved communities.

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The place for premiere clean entertainment

The Spot’ is dedicated to providing a safe place where the community can go to enjoy Positive, Clean Entertainment, Martial Arts/Self-Defense, Cultural Awareness and Diversity as well as the encouragement of Spiritual Development in neighborhoods, cultures, ethnicities and societies holistically, while exposing, engaging and empowering families, especially our youth and young adults, to become critical thinkers, socially accountable and productive citizens.

As a  501c3 public charity nonprofit organization, we are committed to encouraging and assisting financial institutions and individuals accomplish their dreams through education and scholarships no matter what their history and backgrounds are or may have been.